About Us

About this magazine, its crew, and contacts

Buddhismus dnes is a Czech magazine focused on Diamond Way Buddhism. It is published by the Bily destnik (White Umbrella) publishing house (see www.bily-destnik.cz) within the framework of Czech Diamond Way Buddhism, Karma Kagyu Lineage society. It includes articles on teachings by important teachers of Karma Kagyu tradition, translated from foreign Buddhist magazines such as Buddhism Today, Buddhismus Heute, or Diamentowa Droga. Recently, also an increasing number of our own contributions are included such as reports about activities of Buddhist centres plus reports from various Buddhist events.

Dan Škvařil and Petr Buksa (editors-in-chief)
Vladimir Pleva, Hana Hrdinová, Hano Dovinová, Ota Drápal

Na Maninách 1288/17a
170 00 Praha 7- Holešovice
Tel.: +420 608 644 321 (Dan Škvařil)
Web: www.buddhismusdnes.cz, www.bily-destnik.cz